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Here's what you will discover in the webinar:

  • What the number one reason is why we don’t dare to fully be ourselves and how you can change that.
  • How you can know better what it is that you want and need in the relationship
  • How to stop over-caring for your partner
  • How to resolve any clashes that may happen when you are more true to yourself
  • How to have a little fun while growing with your partner!
Suitable for any types of love relationships (including queer, non-monogamous, already been together for 20+ years...) and also useful for your future relationship if you are not currently in a relationship.
=> the webinar will take about 1.5 hours
=> there will be a recording, but more interesting to be there live as you can ask me any questions that might come up
=> for a small number of people the time section of this page shows up in a confusing way, so to be sure, the webinar times are:
Wednesday 7 December at 10 am CET, and on Thursday 8 December at 2 am CET (Central European Time). 

Responses to my previous webinars:

‘I had TREMENDOUS help and a lot of insight as how to approach, in words, a difficult conversation.’

‘The way you've put Nonviolent Communication together with your own style and flavor and examples is super inspiring for me.’

‘I just want to say thank you, for this webinar and for everything that you share. It gives me a lot of hope for my own communication and that it will help me get more honesty, harmony, energy and joy/fun in life.’
Presentation by
Marianne van Dijk
Cup of Empathy

Conflict Mediator + Trainer in Nonviolent Communication

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