5 Steps to Stand up for Yourself

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​5 Steps to Stand up for Yourself

How you can be assertive with your partner while staying in connection.

Here's what you will discover in the webinar:
  • What the number one reason is why we don’t dare to stand up for ourselves and how you can change that.
  • How you can start today with taking care of yourself by using one simple sentence with your partner.
  • How to once and for all put an end to feeling responsible for how your partner feels.
  • How to say no in a way that leads to less upset and more understanding from your partner.
  • How to formulate a request in such a way that you drastically heighten the chance of a yes from your partner.
  • My worst attempt to stand up for myself and what I learned from that.
Presentation by
Marianne van Dijk
Cup of Empathy

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