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Learn how to stay sane and connected with your partner during the Corona crisis.
(max 300 spots and we have 289 registered, so be fast!)

Here's what you will discover in the webinar:
  • How to take care of feelings like fear, powerlessness, irritability and exhaustion.
  • How to dare to make requests for your health and wellbeing and how to make them effectively
  • How to decide together what precautions to take and how to work from home, even when there is already disagreement about that.
  • The no 1 habit that you can do with your partner that keeps your love relationships healthy in stressful times like these.

=> I'm aware that most of you are tired, so it will be a very relaxing webinar in which we will do some self care on the spot!

=> There will be a recording, but participants off my past webinars have said it's way more fun live!

Responses to my previous webinars:
‘I had TREMENDOUS help and a lot of insight as how to approach, in words, a difficult conversation.’

The way you've put Nonviolent Communication together with your own style and flavor and examples is super inspiring for me.

Thank you for the webinar! I feel more motivated to stand up for myself.

I just want to say thank you, for this webinar and for everything that you share. It gives me a lot of hope for my own communication and that it will help me get more honesty, harmony, energy and joy/fun in life.
Presentation by
Marianne van Dijk
Coach for Love Relationships based on Nonviolent Communication.

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